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It was great humility and sincerity that manifested the ARBO tagline
“Simple Honest Real Estate. It is the Heart of What We Do.”

At ARBO REALTY our philosophy is simple, yet it has proven to be the key to our success. It has been the core business principle since the inception of the agency.

In the early 80’s my family and I were invited to a friend of a friend’s BBQ on Long Island. We accepted the invitation. My wife and I along with my two young boys ages 3 and 4 took the drive from Queens, New York out to Long Island. After spending time at the house and enjoying the new friends I’d met while lounging in the backyard, I noticed and warmly appreciated the carefree laughter I heard from my children as they ran around. I also noticed how my wife’s demeanor was one of calm and carefree relaxation. The smile that radiated from her face coupled with the hearty laughter from the boys, warmed my soul. I realized that this experience was an anomaly for my family and I decided at that very moment, that if I could make this way of life an everyday reality, I would. Just as luck would have it the owners of the house were in the process of putting their house on the market for sale. So before leaving the BBQ held at this wonderful home, my wife and I negotiated the sale. Several weeks later that laughter from my kids and the calm relaxed demeanor of my wife became constant in our new home. That feeling of homeownership, that feeling of carefree relaxation, that feeling of finding a HOME is what motivated me to obtain my Real Estate Sales license.

Over the next ten years as a sales agent I honed my skills and learned the ins and outs of Long Island. I did whatever I needed to do to ensure that every person I was fortunate enough to help buy or sell a home had the same feeling as I had oh so many years ago. At the pinnacle of my sales career, and after years of providing professional and honest sales service to hundreds of families, I decided to start ARBO REALTY.

Since 1995 ARBO REALTY has been an independently owned boutique real estate agency that places the needs of the individual over the demands of the set cachet of the market. I truly understand that it is not only the right broker that makes all the difference, but also having an outstanding sales team. With that said, I have assembled a team of forward thinking, innovative, highly experienced service oriented professionals that mirror the ARBO REALTY core principles. ARBO REALTY provides quality care and unparalleled service to all Long Islanders. “Simple Honest Real Estate. It is the Heart of What We Do.”

It is my honor to provide Simple Honest Real Estate to the Long Island Community. It is my honor to work with a skilled set of sales professionals. It is my honor to be in this profession.

I thank you for visiting the ARBO REALTY website.

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